Sports, Medicine and Health Summit | 26 - 28 June 2023 I CCH Hamburg

German Sports Physicians Association (DGSP)

Health support and prevention by movement and sports - these are the core pillars (beliefs) of the German Sports Physicians Association (DGSP e.V.).  Founded in 1912 and with its about 8.000 physicians as members, it is one of the largest scientific-medical societies in Germany, the largest in Europe and the oldest association of sports physicians in the world. Sports medicine combines the medical knowledge of numerous medical subject areas and disciplines as a reference subject, taking into account curing and rehabilitation matters. Athletes across all levels, from recreational to competitive athletes, are traditionally the focus of sports medicine. However, the lack of movement that is shaping our society shifts the focus to the health-relevant "relaxing dose of movement" under preventive and therapeutic aspects.

Key objectives

• To take action for increasing the health literacy of the general public.
• Offering services about sports and medical prevention
• Supporting sports and medical prevention science, education and trainings.
• Building networks with companies, associations and other organizations.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sportmedizin und Prävention
German Journal of Sports Medicine

German Journal of Sports Medicine (DZSM)

The Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin (German Journal of Sports Medicine) is the official institution of the DGSP. With a distribution of 11.500 magazines the DZSM is one of the most read sportmedical trade magazines in Germany. The magazine is published 11x p.a.