Sports, Medicine and Health Summit | 26 - 28 June 2023 I CCH Hamburg
Terms and conditions

CPO HANSER SERVICE - Hanser & Co GmbH are responsible for the organization and implementation of the congress. By registering for the congress and confirming it, a contract is concluded between the congress participant and CPO HANSER SERVICE - Hanser & Co GmbH for participation in the congress. This contract is based on the following general conditions.

Participation fees for the Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2023
Participation in the congress is subject to a fee. Registration for the congress and booking of services are binding for the participant. The fees must be paid in advance on the dates mentioned. Any bank charges are borne by the debtor.

Cancellation of congress participation
If your participation in the congress is canceled by 15 March 2023, the participation fee minus a processing fee of 50 € will be reimbursed. In the event of later cancellation, no refund can be made. Please inform the congress office of your cancellation in writing.

Program changes
CPO HANSER SERVICE - Hanser & Co GmbH reserves the right to make changes to the program at short notice. Proportionate reimbursement of participation fees cannot be made for canceled lectures, training events or changes to the program.

Loss of the name badge
If the name badge is lost, which also entitles the participant to attend the congress, a deposit fee of 50 € is payable to purchase a new name badge.

Liability of SportMed Service GmbH
SportMed Service GmbH is the organizer of the scientific congress. It is liable within the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Your liability - regardless of the legal basis - is limited to cases of gross negligence and willful misconduct. However, SportMed Service GmbH is also liable for slight negligence if contractual cardinal obligations are violated.

Usage of pictures and videos of congress participants
Upon registration for on-site attendance, delegates grant CPO HANSER SERVICE - Hanser & Co GmbH the right to use any pictures and videos that are being made on-site for publications. This includes, but is not limited to the following media: 

  • Congress website
  • Website of DGSP e.V. 
  • Congress app (Social Media Wall)
  • Social Media

CPO HANSER SERVICE - Hanser & Co GmbH will only use pictures and videos for congress-related publications and will under no circumstances sell them to stock photo platforms or use them in any other way.
If you see an image of yourself that should be deleted, please contact us via email at We will remove the picture immediately.