Sports, Medicine and Health Summit | 26 - 28 June 2023 I CCH Hamburg
Global Active City: Hamburg
Hamburg Active City

Hamburg has been named Active City

The city of Hamburg has been internationally recognized as a Global Active City and is a proud supporter of the Sports, Medicine and Health Summit. By providing numerous sports facilities, parks and swimming pools, Hamburg offers a wide range of opportunities for residents to be active, thus providing the best conditions for the major event. The summit intends to provide ideas for new urban measures promoting physical activity and to further underpin Hamburg’s status as an Active City.

How sport and physical activity can make life in the metropolis better

Sport and physical activities are important components to everyday life in the metropolis. Designated a Global Active City by the Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) in 2018, Hamburg offers the perfect conditions to get active: in addition to hundreds of sports halls and sport facilities, pools, and gyms, the city’s parks, green spaces, rivers and lakes also provide plenty of opportunities to get active. In addition, we have schools and school yards that promote physical activity, good cycling routes, and attractive and safe paths for jogging and walking. 

Hamburg’s Active City strategy aims to take advantage of the positive effects of sport and physical activity for many different areas of society: to promote health, integration and inclusion, mobility, and the economy. A central goal is to take advantage of and increase awareness for the health benefits of sport and physical activity. Many common illnesses can be positively influenced by sport and physical activity, some can even be prevented or healed.

Discussions in various scientific disciplines and fields as well as debates between researchers and practicians provide valuable insights for all parties.

The Sports, Medicine and Health Summit is a large, interdisciplinary, and international format, and the Global Active City Hamburg is proud to welcome all participants in our lovely and active city on the Elbe.

Hamburg Active City