Abstract Topics

You can now submit your abstracts for the following topics

As part of the interdisciplinary congress, the overarching importance of sport and exercise will be highlighted and the meaningful networking between sport, medicine and science will be promoted.

Submit abstracts on the following topics:

  • Motion / sports therapy
  • Molecular and cellular aspects of training
  • Morphological adaptation in sports
  • Stress metabolism / metaboloma
  • Dosage and intensity control in training
  • Personalization of the training
  • Hypoxia / hyperoxia training
  • performance diagnostics
  • Psychological support in competitive sports
  • Recreation
  • Imaging procedures in sports
  • Diagnostics and assessment in rehabilitation
  • Prehabilitation / muscle maintenance
  • Exercise in Medicine
  • Sports physiotherapy treatment concepts
  • Intervention research
  • Injuries in sports
  • Physical challenge ("Sedentary Lifestyle")
  • Promotion of movement in different settings
  • Communal physical activity promotion
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Movement and cognition
  • Exercise and mental health
  • Movement across the lifespan
  • Inclusion in sports
  • Technical developments in the field of e- and m-health
  • Free topics

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