International - 9th Congress of Exercise is Medicine Europe

Organized by the global health initiative "European Initiative for Exercise In Medicine (EIEIM)", the Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2021 offers international events. Top speakers from sports, medicine and health are expected. The focus will be set on the importance of physical activity for health, prevention and therapy of chronic diseases. However, the motto "Health, performance, training" also leaves room for contributions from the field of sport. The international area of ​​the summit is supported by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and the FIMS (International Federation of Sports Medicine). More information will follow.

European Initiative for Exercise in Medicine (EIEIM)

The message from the worldwide “Exercise is Medicine” (EIM) initiative - and thus also from the “European Initiative for Exercise in Medicine” (EIEIM) - is simple but complex. Through more physical activity or training, diseases, especially many of the common diseases, can be prevented, contained or even sometimes cured. EIM is a global health initiative led by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). In 2015 an independent EIM center was founded as a non-profit, non-governmental organization for Europe (EIEIM).


The goal of the initiative is to prescribe physical activity and sport across Europe for disease prevention and medical treatment. Physical activity should be viewed by doctors and other health care providers as a vital parameter that must be evaluated each time a patient is examined. This enables patients to be given effective advice and referred to specialists according to their health needs and physical fitness. These measures will lead to comprehensive improvements in the health of patients and a long-term reduction in the costs of the health system and the economy.

European Initiative for Exercise in Medicine